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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Thread

We are the women behind Leki Threads Embroidery.

Lesieli, Elone, Kristi, and Ilaisa

We are a mom and three daughters, equal forces behind the creativity and creation of our threads.

Each of us create, perfect, and test every embroidery file; place, stitch, clean, and package every order that comes in.  

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Our Story

In 2020 we faced a lot of the same challenges that so many did.  We were home more, we lost jobs, we had financial challenges, and we stopped to evaluate where our time and efforts were going.  We were also missing our home away from home...Disneyland!  Leki Threads Embroidery came from a desire to create fun unique merch from our love of Disney characters and culture.  We create all of our own embroidery files and thrive in designing new products.  We have since expanded into corporate and business embroidery products as well.  

So whether you are a serious business owner with marketing ideas, or a proud Disney adult who just can't find anything with that obscure favorite character on it, we're the place to stop.

We are committed to creating something that you're simply obsessed with and can't wait to wear.  Each customers is our most important customer.  Don't hesitate to share your vision and we will start creating.

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